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Mexican Dish: Agua Chiles




Expert Interview

This video is an interview of an an expert which is chef Ramsay. In this interview he says how cooking is important in ones lives because you have to cook at least 3 times a day seven days a week because if you didn’t cook you wouldn’t eat and eating is very important. He also explains how the food needs to be done properly healthily and healthily cooked because as he says ” you are what you eat”. He explains how he became a chef and how his family didn’t have money to get him into a good college but he managed to enter. In this video he also  explains his recipe which is a salad and explains that every thing has to be done with not to much excess of anything.

Project Reflection

In my 20% project I have learned many good things as well as things that i need to work on. For example procrastination not doing my work on time then afterwards not finding how to do that part of the project. One good thing that I learned is that to cook you need to be able to follow all instructions and have all your measurements right because if you are off on only one thing it wont come out good something will be missing or there will be more of something which will not have an authentic taste. No i did not meet my goal because I did not complete all my blog posts therefore I did not accomplish my goal in learning more about cooking. The ways that I will continue to practice my skill is by continuing to cook many different things as well as different traditional foods from around the world to learn about different cultures and their foods. This project has also led me to believe that I love to cook but it can sometimes be hard in many ways for example you need to have all your measurements right and all  ingredients ready. This has been a great experience because I have learned what cooking is like and maybe it can be something I would like to do in the future. As a professional career cooking isn’t only something you do for fun but something you do with Love and Passion and also something that you need to put dedication to.

cooking  p tlayudas

Famous Mexican dish originated from Oaxaca, Mexico

dessert potato

Top 10

Things that prevent you from cooking. Some things that can prevent  me from cooking are little things such as getting distracted by:

1:The T.V


3:Social Media

4:My Nephew

5:Other Homework

6:My parents


8:My sister


10: Neighbor’s

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