Informational part II



This week I decided to cook Chicken Alfredo Pasta. The ingredients that I used to make this was sliced chicken, Alfredo sauce and fettuccine pasta . First I heated up the pan where I would be cooking the chicken while cutting the chicken then seasoned the chicken and put into the pan. While the chicken was being cooked I put the pasta to boil with water. After the pasta was done cooking I rinsed it with cold water and drained it so that it wouldn’t all get stuck together. After that i put the pasta into a bigger pan with a small portion of butter and then put the Alfredo sauce. After that I added the Chicken and let it cook at low temperature for 5 minutes. What I learned from this is that If You follow steps and cook with love everything will eventually come out good. If you are mad about cooking eventually something can go wrong like something can burn or you can forget to add ingredients.If you cook with a positive attitude and mindset you can achieve anything and nothing is to hard too cook you also have to learn to follow steps, ingredients and portion sizes.








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