Informational part 1

Cooking is something that has been on for many many years. It can also be made through many ways for example on a stove, on top of fire and other ways. Food can be classified in many ways for example fancy dishes, not that fancy dishes and dishes that people don’t really care how they are casually but how they are in terms of freshness and tastiness. Cooking can also be used as contests to see how fast people can cook and how good the food turns out to be in the certain amount of time that they give them. For example there is cooking shows like master chef where they give them a certain amount of time and they tell them what they will be cooking and they give them all the ingredients that are necessary. In the time that they give them they expect for it to look impressive and for it to be good. They judge their cooking by how good they cook if everything is cooked well or if its burned and if it looks appetizing because some food s can look appetizing and not be so good but there can also bee food s that don’t look as appetizing but are really good.

history of cooking

The Plate / National Geographic

A Taste of History


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