Project proposal

My goal by the end of this project is to be better at my cooking skills. I like cooking but i am not good at it i either. I end up burning the food or messing up ingredients. By the end of this project my main goal is to learn something from it for example putting more attention to the amounts of each ingredients i am supposed to put or how much time it is supposed to be cooked for. Not only that but also so that I can learn other things from it for example like why It didn’t work out or why it did. This can also help Me realize if I would want to go professional with cooking. If it actually catches my interest to the point where I think that I can end up doing this for the rest of my life. It can give me an outlook on how it all works the good sides to it but also the bad sides to it. There are always barriers to everything but if you actually like something you will take the chance. For example to cooking there can be things you might not like about it but if you like the rest you can learn to just go along with the things you don’t like.


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