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Mexican Dish: Agua Chiles




Expert Interview

This video is an interview of an an expert which is chef Ramsay. In this interview he says how cooking is important in ones lives because you have to cook at least 3 times a day seven days a week because if you didn’t cook you wouldn’t eat and eating is very important. He also explains how the food needs to be done properly healthily and healthily cooked because as he says ” you are what you eat”. He explains how he became a chef and how his family didn’t have money to get him into a good college but he managed to enter. In this video he also  explains his recipe which is a salad and explains that every thing has to be done with not to much excess of anything.

Project Reflection

In my 20% project I have learned many good things as well as things that i need to work on. For example procrastination not doing my work on time then afterwards not finding how to do that part of the project. One good thing that I learned is that to cook you need to be able to follow all instructions and have all your measurements right because if you are off on only one thing it wont come out good something will be missing or there will be more of something which will not have an authentic taste. No i did not meet my goal because I did not complete all my blog posts therefore I did not accomplish my goal in learning more about cooking. The ways that I will continue to practice my skill is by continuing to cook many different things as well as different traditional foods from around the world to learn about different cultures and their foods. This project has also led me to believe that I love to cook but it can sometimes be hard in many ways for example you need to have all your measurements right and all  ingredients ready. This has been a great experience because I have learned what cooking is like and maybe it can be something I would like to do in the future. As a professional career cooking isn’t only something you do for fun but something you do with Love and Passion and also something that you need to put dedication to.

cooking  p tlayudas

Famous Mexican dish originated from Oaxaca, Mexico

dessert potato

Top 10

Things that prevent you from cooking. Some things that can prevent  me from cooking are little things such as getting distracted by:

1:The T.V


3:Social Media

4:My Nephew

5:Other Homework

6:My parents


8:My sister


10: Neighbor’s

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Informational part II



This week I decided to cook Chicken Alfredo Pasta. The ingredients that I used to make this was sliced chicken, Alfredo sauce and fettuccine pasta . First I heated up the pan where I would be cooking the chicken while cutting the chicken then seasoned the chicken and put into the pan. While the chicken was being cooked I put the pasta to boil with water. After the pasta was done cooking I rinsed it with cold water and drained it so that it wouldn’t all get stuck together. After that i put the pasta into a bigger pan with a small portion of butter and then put the Alfredo sauce. After that I added the Chicken and let it cook at low temperature for 5 minutes. What I learned from this is that If You follow steps and cook with love everything will eventually come out good. If you are mad about cooking eventually something can go wrong like something can burn or you can forget to add ingredients.If you cook with a positive attitude and mindset you can achieve anything and nothing is to hard too cook you also have to learn to follow steps, ingredients and portion sizes.







Informational part 1

Cooking is something that has been on for many many years. It can also be made through many ways for example on a stove, on top of fire and other ways. Food can be classified in many ways for example fancy dishes, not that fancy dishes and dishes that people don’t really care how they are casually but how they are in terms of freshness and tastiness. Cooking can also be used as contests to see how fast people can cook and how good the food turns out to be in the certain amount of time that they give them. For example there is cooking shows like master chef where they give them a certain amount of time and they tell them what they will be cooking and they give them all the ingredients that are necessary. In the time that they give them they expect for it to look impressive and for it to be good. They judge their cooking by how good they cook if everything is cooked well or if its burned and if it looks appetizing because some food s can look appetizing and not be so good but there can also bee food s that don’t look as appetizing but are really good.

history of cooking

The Plate / National Geographic

A Taste of History

Project proposal

My goal by the end of this project is to be better at my cooking skills. I like cooking but i am not good at it i either. I end up burning the food or messing up ingredients. By the end of this project my main goal is to learn something from it for example putting more attention to the amounts of each ingredients i am supposed to put or how much time it is supposed to be cooked for. Not only that but also so that I can learn other things from it for example like why It didn’t work out or why it did. This can also help Me realize if I would want to go professional with cooking. If it actually catches my interest to the point where I think that I can end up doing this for the rest of my life. It can give me an outlook on how it all works the good sides to it but also the bad sides to it. There are always barriers to everything but if you actually like something you will take the chance. For example to cooking there can be things you might not like about it but if you like the rest you can learn to just go along with the things you don’t like.


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